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Live Bait

Today's Live Bait Options

Live Shrimp by the Dozen

Local sourced LIVE Shrimp


Live Mullet Dozen

Fresh Live Mullet by the Dozen


Live Pin Fish Dozen


Fiddler Crabs Dozen


Frozen Bait

Today's Selection of Frozen Bait

Frozen Shrimp Pack


Frozen Mullet Pack


Frozen Squid Pack


Frozen Blue Crabs


Crab Bait (Chicken Necks)



Hooks, Weights, Sinkers & More

Circle Hooks 10 pack


Bait Hooks 10 Pack


Soft Plastics Hooks 10 Pack


Egg Sinkers


Pyramid Sinkers


Split Shots


Barrel Swivels 10 pack



Lures, Jigs & Other Artificial Baits

Fat Hawg Shrimp

Selection varies. Pick your lure when delivery arrives.


Fat Hawg Trout Sniper

Our lure designed specifically for Florida trout.


Fat Hawg Erich Minnow

Color selections vary. Pick your lure at delivery.


Fat Hawg Paddle Tails

Color selection varies. Pick your lures at delivery


Drinks & Snacks

Today's selection of Cold Drinks and Snacks

Cold Drinks

Ice Cold drinks pulled from the cooler when they arrive




Snack Cakes




Boiled Peanuts


Beef Jerky


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